Models Required

I'm currently looking to expand my portfolio and require female models for paid street shoots in London.

My planned shoots are 'urban-fashion' and I require models with short, edgy haircuts or sharp, geometric (bobbed or asymmetric) styles. Precision is everything in such styles and so models should have recently-cut hair and, if coloured, negligible re-growth.

Prior modelling experience would be useful but is not essential; although having sufficient confidence to shoot in public is a 'must'. You would also be required to provide your own clothes and manage your hair and make-up to a reasonable standard.

If you're visiting my website because I GAVE YOU MY POSTCARD then you already have the exact 'look' that I require. If you haven't modelled previously, I realise that the prospect may be slightly daunting - but if you would like to discuss it further then please get in touch via the contact details on the postcard I gave you or by clicking here.

My shoots are during daylight hours on London streets so perfectly safe; however you are welcome to bring someone with you if it will make you feel more comfortable. My previous models all tell me that I'm very relaxed and easy to work with.

Your images will not be shown on this website (or anywhere else) without your permission. Whether you allow your images to be posted or not, you will still be paid and will receive electronic copies of any images that I choose to rework.

Thank-you for reading.