So down to business!

My shoots are normally street not studio. If you expect even lighting, immaculate hair, perfect make-up and staged compositions - then you may struggle to find them here. If you expect wind/rain, bright sunlight/shadows and random vehicles/pedestrians - then you won't be disappointed! But these (to me) are challenges not negatives. My images are of real people on real streets and this is what makes them unique; a snapshot (literally) of a moment in time - frozen forever.

'Sixties London' contains galleries attempting to capture the essence of the era; mini dresses, 'A-line' fashions, scooters etc. This is definitely a theme that I'd like to explore further.

'Modern London' contains my non-themed galleries; models superimposed against odd angles of modern buildings or captured in London's hidden 'nooks and crannies'.

'Studio Lighting' exhibits my first venture into studio photography; out of necessity, given the awful weather over the winter of 2012/13.

I would not hesitate in recommending any of the models I've worked with to date. Where they have professional websites, I will add these to the Links page.